apple of the tropics

I find it amazing that with Mangoes being dated back to the 4th and 5th Centuries B.C, they have only been in Mexico for 100 years. We are blessed to have five different trees here at Casa Iguana. By far the majority are consumed by my kids. I can’t count how many they eat in one day. Their favorite style is green, which means they aren’t soft and juicy like the Mangoes in the states. The inside is yellow and is tart. Peel them, add a tich of salt, lemon and hot sauce. Oh so good!

In year’s past, we have experimented with them. Last year’s Mango Turn Overs are still fresh in my mind! This year, Monica and Ivan from Spain, showed us a green mango salad with lemon juice, garlic peanuts, tomatoes, and a tich of sugar, served with white rice… ummm……

We have a giant tree that has a month to go… we are going to be able to go on eating at this pace for the entire summer.

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